Pascal Proofreads

First class honours degree (B.A. English & Music, University of Leeds) graduate offers personalised proofreading for a wide range of texts.

My experience is that in each text I receive, there are different requirements. Some people benefit from in-depth comments, while others prefer quick corrections. I aim to tailor my service according to your needs, providing personalised proofreading.

I have proofread a wide variety of styles:

  • Several bachelor's and master's dissertations on a wide range of topics, including linguistics, cultural theory, feminist theory, art theory, musicology, criminology, renewable technology and design
  • A PhD thesis on politics and theology
  • Parts of the two books: Reading Contemporary African Theatre (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2011) and East African Literature: Essays in Written and Oral Traditions (Berlin: Logos, 2011)
  • A website for the tourist board of Lichtenberg, Berlin
  • CVs and cover letters
  • Interviews
  • Program for the art event 'Cure for Boredom' (Leeds, January 2012)


... thanks again for your work! Your comments were really good and helped me a lot. I corrected all mistakes and finally sent my application.
... thank you very much for being so fast. . . I like the way you corrected the text and accept the use of Microsoft's possibilities. I will have a closer look at your suggestions and certainly agree with almost all of the changes.
Thank you very much for your quick work!! The comments are really helpful. Great job!